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About the founder: Daniel Moore

Daniel, born in Atlanta, moved with his family at the age of 7 months to Japan, where his father attended graduate school. His family settled in Ueda, a provincial, rural town in central Japan where foreigners are still infrequently seen. For the following 16 years Daniel grew up immersed in Japanese society and culture. He studied at Japanese elementary and middle schools before moving back to the United States for high school. Daniel relates that the shock of being an American who knew absolutely nothing about the nation’s culture, music and slang was huge.

Daniel played collegiate-level competitive tennis while continuing his education at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, where he studied International Business. As an undergraduate he was also heavily involved in student government representing the needs of international students and the study abroad office.
Daniel is fluent in both English and Japanese and has a fascination with language and culture. This led him to Mexico to study Spanish and Egypt for a semester to study the culture, history and religions of the Middle East.

After completing his university senior thesis on food aid in Africa, Daniel traveled to Kenya, where he began his career working at a social enterprise organization selling fuel-efficient household products in Nairobi. Two years later, his contract completed, he set off on an adventure from Kenya to South Africa on a month-long, six-country adventure by local buses. En route he ventured to the source of the Nile and Victoria Falls.

Daniel moved back to the United States, where he worked as an interpreter and tour guide for Japanese travelers, the head tennis coach at a high school, and as a professional pickleball player. An avid traveler he has already visited over 50 countries but relishes traveling to Japan whenever the chance arises, especially to snowboard in the mountains of Nagano.

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